The exchange of words today in the famous “Students Forum” a Fun page facebook group that brings together all the University students between UoN president Babu Owino and University of Kabianga President, Alfred Chuchu was an eye opener showing the moderates and hardliners in solving thorny issues involving university students.

The duo engaged in a battle of titans, differing on the way the University Students should engage the government in a balooned fee increment from September this year. In a statement given by Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education prof. Jacob Kaimenyi sparked fury in University students who fearlessly said they will not accept. In their arqument, Babu Owino has threatened to call for countrywide demonstration in a way of opposing and pushing the government to rethink the move.

“The move by the government to hike the fee is an insult to comrades and I shall mobilize nationwide demonstration to oppose the move.” said Owino.

On his part, Univeristy of Kabianga President Alfred Chuchu said that demonstration should come as a last option but he believes in dialoque. He arques that demonstrations over time has let to lose of lives of comrades which as a leaders should safequard by applying ways that leads to amicable solutions of the problems. Chuchu says that all the students countrywide are opposed to fee increment and as representatives, we should address this issue among many other issues that comrades face daily.

“Comrades face a lot of issues and problems that needs a very serious amicable solutions including the fee increment. Going to streets won’t solve everything but only one thing and is risky. I appeal for dialogue and diplomacy first so that if it fails, we can adopt the latter”

The discussions brought a mixed reaction from other comrades that only time will tell.


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  1. Rotich victor

    I conquer with alfred chuchu lifes of comrades,demonstration should be the last option after diplmacy failure if it happens

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