By Abdulkarim Taraja.

For the few years I have been living and taking the world as my lab, much comes and goes. Because no man lives in a vacuum, social interaction has to take place. Love and affection has to be felt.
Talking of relationships, this is a very complicated and complex topic to touch in the 21st Century. The illussion of love, lust, mistrust, impatience, revenge and lack of personal principles in many people is only some but among the major contributors of heart and love breakages.

Ladies, in this case are the most vulnerable and break-hearted than men. Women and ladies and society as a whole still hold the belief that it is a man who proposes to a women. Atimes, a woman is interested in certain man but due to this obstacle, she lets it go. Hoping that you can just sit down and let your man do everything for you is a misguided mind and development setback. Making your man a source of income, calling for chips, popcorns even pants is indeed dangerous. If he fails, then he is a “Dog” as mostly reffered to by some married couples.

Being a miser is worse. Stretch your hand to give too. Motivate each other through surprise gifts, watches, attire and other valuables that you can afford to give. Never expect too much from the partner including time and don’t demand more than enough and to his scope. Do unto your partner what you would like him/her to do unto you.

Frequently, I have seen fellows falling into love just because of somebody’s status, title and physical appearances but discard the inner feelings. After sometime, swthrt turns into doggy and a forgotten term….

Hey! There, remember before falling in love; Don’t go for looks, they deceive. Don’t go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright…
Lastly, have line between your responsibilities. Couplship is dialoque amd amicability of problem solving.


1. Never hurry to be hooked-up.. Take your time looking for odds and evens, screening those come for you. Compare with your desires.

2. Never be an easy Yes-sayer.. Learn to say NO sometime. Precious things are hard to find. Sweat before you get there. Let him sweat before you utter a ‘YES’ to him.

3. Never use your body and beauty to attract attention of a fellow, lest you are disappointed easily and used as litter bin.

4. Love unconditionally… Love voluntarily. Never expect love or favour in return.

5. Be patient and hardworking.. If you want attention, then show that you deserve it by working hard both to impress and express yourself.

6. Remember what Benjamin Disrael uttered that, “Prepare for the worse hoping for the best.” live to know things can go otherwise anytime.

The writer is a 2nd year Student, University of Kabianga and Editor-in-Chief to the SGC.
Part Two… Coming



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