State, County government urged to beef up security in campuses


UoK LTB/3 Photo by Abdulkarim Taraja.

Students are challenging both the National and County governments to ensure their security is catered for while in the higher learning institutions. This follows the terror alerts that’s has since spread across the campuses and colleges in the recent weeks since the massacre in the Garissa Terror attack.
Speaking in Kericho Town, University of Kabianga Student Leader Alfred Chuchu said that any threats should not be taken for granted at any given time. He urged the government to consider empowering the local security firms to offer more input in safeguarding the institutions.
“We challenge the government to empower security firms and give them license to own guns while guarding the learning institutions because police officers cannot be around all the time,” said Chuchu.
He added that there are many primary and secondary schools around that require security also and suggested that, “by allowing private security firms own guns in learning institutions, the police can be able to patrol around the area so as to provide the security services to other Kenyans.”
He said Security is a national concern and are doing a petition to the president that will ensure the students in the country does not go through what Garissa students went through.
Mr. Chuchu has also challenged the County Government of Kericho to look into the essence of installing security lights in area around the campus so as to enhance security of students and staff.
“Students have been attacked several times at night while coming from studies in the library by unknown people who hide in the dark as early as 8pm, posing a serious need for security lights in the area,” said Chair who added that the mandate for that is way beyond the University jurisdiction.
He also noted that the student population staying outside campus has increased and require security surveillance that streetlights can help a lot.
“Road rhetoric”
Premier-Kabianga-Taploting road that passes through the institution has been in the public domain for many years where the local leaders and government officials has been giving empty promises that they will tarmac yet it has never never yielded any fruits.
The student leader has faulted the government over the road rhetoric accusing Deputy president William Ruto who said that the government set aside Ksh. 400M to tarmack the road in 2013 while presiding over the graduation ceremony remains in the minds of many University students.
“The road needs to be done and should be looked into as a matter of urgency the rhetoric’s and the mind games that is being played by the people in charge should stop it is disheartening to give promises yet they are not fulfilled,” said Chuchu.
On February sixteenth, Kabianga students went into riot to protest against the poor state of the road that becomes impassable during the rainy season I the south rift and very dusty during the sunny season.


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