Who will stop this Children suffering?

By Abdulkarim Taraja

As this day is marked differently  in all walks and corners of the Universe, I wish to send my personal message to the world pertaining this day and children.

4 years ago, I graduated into adulthood and memories of childhood still vivid in my new status. Born in clashes-prone society in Western Kenya, gives me experience of how children are brought up in some areas.
Many families are poor, who live below the dollar and the  children grow and inherit the povertorial situation. Poverty then begets poverty.737075_471028212976298_1535373834_o

Children in many African societies undergo more than hardship. From eating to learning, from sleeping to dressing, they suffer. Some are orphans who were left after HIV/aids consumed their parents mercilessly, some parents died in civil wars and clashes leaving them vulnerable and parent-less. Parental care, love and harmony has been and still something vocabulary to this group of human beings.

In Kenya today, military operation is underway in Northern part of the country. Children are suffering most. Their parents are suffering more. They are tortured and worried both psychologically and mentally. The world is unfavorable to them. In south Sudan, political feud has destroyed the future of many children. And nothing but prayers and deserving actions be put in place to secure Africa and its future in them.

It is in this regard that I with my fellow colleagues came up with a Community Based Organization (Nurture a Child Initiative) in Kericho County to help in Support, Mentor and Sponsor this future generation.
As we mark this day, I and the team are visiting a nearby Children home on Saturday 22nd to be part of them, mentor them, play with them, eat with them and speak with them as their big brothers and sisters. We shall also invite local pastors and religious leaders to join us in praying for them and call any international well wishers and donors to help in addressing the plight of this angels who need educational support and moral support.

As we mark this day, let us remember that the future of the world rests in our children’s shoulders. It is we to nurture, mentor, support and sponsor for our and their prosperity.


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