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By Abdulkarim Taraja

The world can’t simply stop amazing daily. From the primitive old age period of stones to metallic age to plastic age to button-press age and now recently the touch screen age; alot has indeed transpired and transformed. If my forefather who byed this world a century ago gets a privilege to be alife again, he would be overwhelmingly flabbergasted to see amazing phenomena from a bit similar but different style of dressing between them (Men) and modern ladies, rampant destruction of the environment, absence of an empire of livestock, flying aeroplanes, talking gadgets, women dominance in the society as well as two children defining a family.

It is still vivid-glassic when I first saw a person talking using a mobile phone resembling a police radio-call gadget. I clearly remember one day when my dad gave me Ksh. 700 to go to a 15KM distance to buy him “Scratchcard” nowadays airtime or credit. It was in 2003, about a decade ago when I first found myself witnessing this. I was amazed too what I was given as scratch card yet I gave out 700/=, but I cared less because it was dads’ monies anyway.

Upon arriving tired, my dad was waiting eargerly far more than a guy is waiting a virgin chic for a romantic ring of ownership. He scratched it and started dialling the numbers into a borrowed Nokia 3310. It was then that he started moving like a mad man not knowing what he was looking for yet his eyes glued to the gadget with aerial… He moved round the homestead and critically started calculating the heigt of our Elgon-Teak tree in the compound. He talked of “Network” but I had no idea what network meant and its use to madness of moving…

For me I thought madness had descended to the old Muzee, only to see and hear him burst out with scaring voice “Halo! Halo Murooni! Halo!! Haloooooo!……” wuushoo! He is gone again. Network breakdown.

Terribly, checking for balance after that drammatic ‘halo’ we found out 100/- airtime was already gone. Communication had not yet occurred. He gave up not. After desperate search for network, at long last he spoke.

Interestingly, my old man used three Minutes in greetings and laughing not knowing the Seven hundred worth of airtime was being drunked like never before. Upon starting delivering the intended message, the call was off once and for all “Halo! Halo! Halo arabaaa! Haloo”… ‘ScratchCard’ and airtime was no more.

Part II tomorrow on ‘My Touch’


By Abdulkarim Taraja.

It was only yesterday at Nine in the evening, when I was watching news in CITIZEN TV when a story of a woman from Kitengela, Kajiado County amazed me. For me I can’t even imagine staying without hands, I think I couldn’t do much, but have realized what Hellen Keeler said, that, “If one door closes another opens but oftend we look so long and so regretful upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” is true basing on the story that touched me.

Many of us have everything in our bodies. We are full indeed but do nothing much about our blessings apart from gossip and ways of outsmarting others. Cooking Ugali using the feet, cleaning her kids nose and peeling potatoes using this feet as well as receiving her touch screen phone call is what makes me thank God for always having an alternative in Humans life. This is where I agree with Allan Wattz who said that, “There will always be suffering. But we must not suffer over the suffering.”

It is true to this mother of one that Suzanne Weyn caution: “Your life is an occassion, rise to it”. Harry Potter added that understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery. Understanding ones inability should not lock all the abilities but as Sarah Ban termed that “All we have is all what we need. All we need is the awareness of how blessed we are”. So we must overcome any obstacle.

I have indeed realized that ones life is not a problem to be solved, but rather it is a gift to be opened. Also, I have fully believed that, that which doesn’t kill you makes you strong. No option.

Indeed Aristotle uttered a word that I want to share with you my reader, that “The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival” so this sister of mine is an amazing inspiration to many.

Buddha was also correct. “Health is the greatest gift, Contentment the greatest wealth and faithfulness the best relationship”- this came out clearly to me and many others upon watching that story.

As I fade off, allow me say thanks to Judy Kosgey and all friends. Take this from Arthur Ashe, that, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”


By Abdulkarim Taraja.

For the few years I have been living and taking the world as my lab, much comes and goes. Because no man lives in a vacuum, social interaction has to take place. Love and affection has to be felt.
Talking of relationships, this is a very complicated and complex topic to touch in the 21st Century. The illussion of love, lust, mistrust, impatience, revenge and lack of personal principles in many people is only some but among the major contributors of heart and love breakages.

Ladies, in this case are the most vulnerable and break-hearted than men. Women and ladies and society as a whole still hold the belief that it is a man who proposes to a women. Atimes, a woman is interested in certain man but due to this obstacle, she lets it go. Hoping that you can just sit down and let your man do everything for you is a misguided mind and development setback. Making your man a source of income, calling for chips, popcorns even pants is indeed dangerous. If he fails, then he is a “Dog” as mostly reffered to by some married couples.

Being a miser is worse. Stretch your hand to give too. Motivate each other through surprise gifts, watches, attire and other valuables that you can afford to give. Never expect too much from the partner including time and don’t demand more than enough and to his scope. Do unto your partner what you would like him/her to do unto you.

Frequently, I have seen fellows falling into love just because of somebody’s status, title and physical appearances but discard the inner feelings. After sometime, swthrt turns into doggy and a forgotten term….

Hey! There, remember before falling in love; Don’t go for looks, they deceive. Don’t go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright…
Lastly, have line between your responsibilities. Couplship is dialoque amd amicability of problem solving.


1. Never hurry to be hooked-up.. Take your time looking for odds and evens, screening those come for you. Compare with your desires.

2. Never be an easy Yes-sayer.. Learn to say NO sometime. Precious things are hard to find. Sweat before you get there. Let him sweat before you utter a ‘YES’ to him.

3. Never use your body and beauty to attract attention of a fellow, lest you are disappointed easily and used as litter bin.

4. Love unconditionally… Love voluntarily. Never expect love or favour in return.

5. Be patient and hardworking.. If you want attention, then show that you deserve it by working hard both to impress and express yourself.

6. Remember what Benjamin Disrael uttered that, “Prepare for the worse hoping for the best.” live to know things can go otherwise anytime.

The writer is a 2nd year Student, University of Kabianga and Editor-in-Chief to the SGC.
Part Two… Coming

The exchange of words today in the famous “Students Forum” a Fun page facebook group that brings together all the University students between UoN president Babu Owino and University of Kabianga President, Alfred Chuchu was an eye opener showing the moderates and hardliners in solving thorny issues involving university students.

The duo engaged in a battle of titans, differing on the way the University Students should engage the government in a balooned fee increment from September this year. In a statement given by Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education prof. Jacob Kaimenyi sparked fury in University students who fearlessly said they will not accept. In their arqument, Babu Owino has threatened to call for countrywide demonstration in a way of opposing and pushing the government to rethink the move.

“The move by the government to hike the fee is an insult to comrades and I shall mobilize nationwide demonstration to oppose the move.” said Owino.

On his part, Univeristy of Kabianga President Alfred Chuchu said that demonstration should come as a last option but he believes in dialoque. He arques that demonstrations over time has let to lose of lives of comrades which as a leaders should safequard by applying ways that leads to amicable solutions of the problems. Chuchu says that all the students countrywide are opposed to fee increment and as representatives, we should address this issue among many other issues that comrades face daily.

“Comrades face a lot of issues and problems that needs a very serious amicable solutions including the fee increment. Going to streets won’t solve everything but only one thing and is risky. I appeal for dialogue and diplomacy first so that if it fails, we can adopt the latter”

The discussions brought a mixed reaction from other comrades that only time will tell.

The current situation within Kenyan borders is wary day by day. Everyone is worried in our Kenyan roads not knowing if one arrives safe and sound at home.

Arriving home alive is a big question at the moment. The terrorists and their lieutenants are inflicting fear to Kenyans more than the road accidents in our roads. Security agents are doing their best to combate this heinous act but if not all the Kenyans to register their responsibility, it will take years to fight this compromising issue.

Being responsible means that you drop this mentality of causing terror to fellow Kenyans. If a friend does, preach to him on importance of fighting personal problem than killing innocent kenyans. The scriptures advocate for peaceful coexistence and so we must maintain and promote.

The government need to invest more on intelligence services and do more than enough to combate corruption along the borders. Vehicle owners should also screen passengers before entering inside the vehicle so that they atleast ensure safety. They should not pick passengers anyhowly anywhere. This way we shall try to be safe on our own.

welcome to my Blog

It is indeed a journey of fortunes that I am going through as far connections and social network is concerned.
This blog shall be giving in detailed information and trending issues and publication of articles and motivational message to aid in changing peoples life. Follow my blog for informative and entertaining pieces of writing.

welcome to my Blog

It is indeed a journey of fortunes that I am going through as far connections and social network is concerned.
This blog shall be giving in detailed information and trending issues and publication of articles and motivational message to aid in changing peoples life. Follow my blog for informative and entertaining pieces of writing.