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The current situation within Kenyan borders is wary day by day. Everyone is worried in our Kenyan roads not knowing if one arrives safe and sound at home.

Arriving home alive is a big question at the moment. The terrorists and their lieutenants are inflicting fear to Kenyans more than the road accidents in our roads. Security agents are doing their best to combate this heinous act but if not all the Kenyans to register their responsibility, it will take years to fight this compromising issue.

Being responsible means that you drop this mentality of causing terror to fellow Kenyans. If a friend does, preach to him on importance of fighting personal problem than killing innocent kenyans. The scriptures advocate for peaceful coexistence and so we must maintain and promote.

The government need to invest more on intelligence services and do more than enough to combate corruption along the borders. Vehicle owners should also screen passengers before entering inside the vehicle so that they atleast ensure safety. They should not pick passengers anyhowly anywhere. This way we shall try to be safe on our own.