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Who will stop this Children suffering?

By Abdulkarim Taraja

As this day is marked differently  in all walks and corners of the Universe, I wish to send my personal message to the world pertaining this day and children.

4 years ago, I graduated into adulthood and memories of childhood still vivid in my new status. Born in clashes-prone society in Western Kenya, gives me experience of how children are brought up in some areas.
Many families are poor, who live below the dollar and the  children grow and inherit the povertorial situation. Poverty then begets poverty.737075_471028212976298_1535373834_o

Children in many African societies undergo more than hardship. From eating to learning, from sleeping to dressing, they suffer. Some are orphans who were left after HIV/aids consumed their parents mercilessly, some parents died in civil wars and clashes leaving them vulnerable and parent-less. Parental care, love and harmony has been and still something vocabulary to this group of human beings.

In Kenya today, military operation is underway in Northern part of the country. Children are suffering most. Their parents are suffering more. They are tortured and worried both psychologically and mentally. The world is unfavorable to them. In south Sudan, political feud has destroyed the future of many children. And nothing but prayers and deserving actions be put in place to secure Africa and its future in them.

It is in this regard that I with my fellow colleagues came up with a Community Based Organization (Nurture a Child Initiative) in Kericho County to help in Support, Mentor and Sponsor this future generation.
As we mark this day, I and the team are visiting a nearby Children home on Saturday 22nd to be part of them, mentor them, play with them, eat with them and speak with them as their big brothers and sisters. We shall also invite local pastors and religious leaders to join us in praying for them and call any international well wishers and donors to help in addressing the plight of this angels who need educational support and moral support.

As we mark this day, let us remember that the future of the world rests in our children’s shoulders. It is we to nurture, mentor, support and sponsor for our and their prosperity.


State, County government urged to beef up security in campuses


UoK LTB/3 Photo by Abdulkarim Taraja.

Students are challenging both the National and County governments to ensure their security is catered for while in the higher learning institutions. This follows the terror alerts that’s has since spread across the campuses and colleges in the recent weeks since the massacre in the Garissa Terror attack.
Speaking in Kericho Town, University of Kabianga Student Leader Alfred Chuchu said that any threats should not be taken for granted at any given time. He urged the government to consider empowering the local security firms to offer more input in safeguarding the institutions.
“We challenge the government to empower security firms and give them license to own guns while guarding the learning institutions because police officers cannot be around all the time,” said Chuchu.
He added that there are many primary and secondary schools around that require security also and suggested that, “by allowing private security firms own guns in learning institutions, the police can be able to patrol around the area so as to provide the security services to other Kenyans.”
He said Security is a national concern and are doing a petition to the president that will ensure the students in the country does not go through what Garissa students went through.
Mr. Chuchu has also challenged the County Government of Kericho to look into the essence of installing security lights in area around the campus so as to enhance security of students and staff.
“Students have been attacked several times at night while coming from studies in the library by unknown people who hide in the dark as early as 8pm, posing a serious need for security lights in the area,” said Chair who added that the mandate for that is way beyond the University jurisdiction.
He also noted that the student population staying outside campus has increased and require security surveillance that streetlights can help a lot.
“Road rhetoric”
Premier-Kabianga-Taploting road that passes through the institution has been in the public domain for many years where the local leaders and government officials has been giving empty promises that they will tarmac yet it has never never yielded any fruits.
The student leader has faulted the government over the road rhetoric accusing Deputy president William Ruto who said that the government set aside Ksh. 400M to tarmack the road in 2013 while presiding over the graduation ceremony remains in the minds of many University students.
“The road needs to be done and should be looked into as a matter of urgency the rhetoric’s and the mind games that is being played by the people in charge should stop it is disheartening to give promises yet they are not fulfilled,” said Chuchu.
On February sixteenth, Kabianga students went into riot to protest against the poor state of the road that becomes impassable during the rainy season I the south rift and very dusty during the sunny season.

The Kenya We want Essay

By Abdulkarim Ruto Taraja


From all the corners of the country, there is total unrest and conflict. Terrorists are terrorizing the Coastal, Northern Frontier and Nairobi counties mercilessly bringing the breath of many Kenyans into full stop. Land grabbing all over the country, abject poverty consuming many citizens, political confusion and alignment, cattle rustling in the Northern part of Rift Valley, high cost of living, the appreciating cost of education, the climate change toward unfavorable conditions, political supremacy in the country, ever degrading moral values in the humanity, untreatable diseases- all bringing confusion and lack of peace to all. This is making the Kenya far from the Kenya we all want.

We need a peaceful Kenya- a Kenya that the surname will never betray the individual in any part of the country. Kenya, that an individual will carry his own cross without dragging the whole community behind him/her. A Kenya that political and religious feuds, elimination and assassination of vocal personalities based on their stand shall be the thing of the past. We need a Kenya that corruption and impunity is zero rated in all sectors of the political and economical divide. We want a Kenya that cattle rustlers in Northern Kenyan parts will venture into business and agriculture and understand that, a cattle raiding is not a source of legal income and allow fellow Kenyans to enter their sanctums in peace and wake up in peace not pieces. A Kenya that a police will be highly respected and sort for security and not as victims of neighbor feuds that has escalated in the recent times in the history of security apparatus in the country.

“Kenyans for Kenya” that helped the Turkana Famine is the Kenya we want. A united Kenya, that stands behind Ezekiel Kemboi and Obiri while crossing the Olympic competitions in abroad. We need Kenya that practices unity of purpose daily as witnessed during the “Donate Blood Campaign” after West Gate Shopping Mall was brought down by the Terror groups. Kenya, that do not define a neighbor in terms of race, colour or tribe. We want a Kenya that when an individual sits in a bus from Mandera to Nairobi is safe from a fellow passenger and arrives his/her destination alive, safe and sound. Kenya that, a Turkana old man will sleep in his house without fear of invasion by the Pokot Militia. A Nation that everybody fears God as the Provider, Giver of Life and Protector. A Kenya that, citizens will stop worshiping the politicians from their regions, community and embrace brotherhood and sisterhood, and define the loyal and performing government.

I do hope, as Aristotle said that Hope is a waking dream, that this Kenya am describing will soon be in place. However, it comes with lots of hard work and investment. Our youth needs to be engaged and given adequate skills to deal and challenge the challenging issues in life. The Education system in Kenya is the best but require some amendments that will allow those who do not get the opportunity to enroll in Universities or Colleges. I appreciate the Government for supporting much of the Technical institutes but still there is a lot to be done. The employers need to be made aware that the development is achieved both by the skilled and the unskilled members of the community. The unskilled youth together with our graduate colleagues can move the economy far.

The major sources of conflict in our Kenya are the terrorism disease that is always in our back and the never ending politics. The unhealthy opposition to the government gives chance to terror groups to concentrate on their plans. To stop terrorism, the government should equip the National Intelligence with superior equipments than those of militia to combat the crimes. Increase the border surveillance and train the officers in the border on the importance of maintaining and promoting peace. We need to uphold truth and avoid bribery and to fear God in the whole exercise.

To the communities in the northern Kenya, diversification of means of income is wanting and make aware the communities that it is not only cattle raiding that will proof you as a man, neither a source of income nor wealth. With the County government in place, the youth should be encouraged to apply government jobs and tenders that the government should ease the process of application and handling of loans and grants. The bureaucratic procedures scare away the youth in applying for these opportunities.

Let various tribes and religious embrace intermarriages as this fosters unity. Equitable distribution of power and resource can solve clanicm feuds in Northern region. Removing our Kenya Defense Forces from Somalia can help stop itches of terrorism and AlShabab Insurgence.

The current situation within Kenyan borders is wary day by day. Everyone is worried in our Kenyan roads not knowing if one arrives safe and sound at home.

Arriving home alive is a big question at the moment. The terrorists and their lieutenants are inflicting fear to Kenyans more than the road accidents in our roads. Security agents are doing their best to combate this heinous act but if not all the Kenyans to register their responsibility, it will take years to fight this compromising issue.

Being responsible means that you drop this mentality of causing terror to fellow Kenyans. If a friend does, preach to him on importance of fighting personal problem than killing innocent kenyans. The scriptures advocate for peaceful coexistence and so we must maintain and promote.

The government need to invest more on intelligence services and do more than enough to combate corruption along the borders. Vehicle owners should also screen passengers before entering inside the vehicle so that they atleast ensure safety. They should not pick passengers anyhowly anywhere. This way we shall try to be safe on our own.

welcome to my Blog

It is indeed a journey of fortunes that I am going through as far connections and social network is concerned.
This blog shall be giving in detailed information and trending issues and publication of articles and motivational message to aid in changing peoples life. Follow my blog for informative and entertaining pieces of writing.

welcome to my Blog

It is indeed a journey of fortunes that I am going through as far connections and social network is concerned.
This blog shall be giving in detailed information and trending issues and publication of articles and motivational message to aid in changing peoples life. Follow my blog for informative and entertaining pieces of writing.