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By Abdulkarim Taraja

The world can’t simply stop amazing daily. From the primitive old age period of stones to metallic age to plastic age to button-press age and now recently the touch screen age; alot has indeed transpired and transformed. If my forefather who byed this world a century ago gets a privilege to be alife again, he would be overwhelmingly flabbergasted to see amazing phenomena from a bit similar but different style of dressing between them (Men) and modern ladies, rampant destruction of the environment, absence of an empire of livestock, flying aeroplanes, talking gadgets, women dominance in the society as well as two children defining a family.

It is still vivid-glassic when I first saw a person talking using a mobile phone resembling a police radio-call gadget. I clearly remember one day when my dad gave me Ksh. 700 to go to a 15KM distance to buy him “Scratchcard” nowadays airtime or credit. It was in 2003, about a decade ago when I first found myself witnessing this. I was amazed too what I was given as scratch card yet I gave out 700/=, but I cared less because it was dads’ monies anyway.

Upon arriving tired, my dad was waiting eargerly far more than a guy is waiting a virgin chic for a romantic ring of ownership. He scratched it and started dialling the numbers into a borrowed Nokia 3310. It was then that he started moving like a mad man not knowing what he was looking for yet his eyes glued to the gadget with aerial… He moved round the homestead and critically started calculating the heigt of our Elgon-Teak tree in the compound. He talked of “Network” but I had no idea what network meant and its use to madness of moving…

For me I thought madness had descended to the old Muzee, only to see and hear him burst out with scaring voice “Halo! Halo Murooni! Halo!! Haloooooo!……” wuushoo! He is gone again. Network breakdown.

Terribly, checking for balance after that drammatic ‘halo’ we found out 100/- airtime was already gone. Communication had not yet occurred. He gave up not. After desperate search for network, at long last he spoke.

Interestingly, my old man used three Minutes in greetings and laughing not knowing the Seven hundred worth of airtime was being drunked like never before. Upon starting delivering the intended message, the call was off once and for all “Halo! Halo! Halo arabaaa! Haloo”… ‘ScratchCard’ and airtime was no more.

Part II tomorrow on ‘My Touch’